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Bulk Sales

CBT also has bulk permit sales for property management, fleet operators and corporate applications.
You can purchase customized Call Before Tow permits from us with pre-loaded alerts.

By purchasing in bulk, you get them at cost not our advertised price and give residents or employees peace of mind with their first alert already purchased. If they utilize the service it can be easily recharged.
CBT Solutions also has a online parking management software. http://www.webparkingsoftware.com was created to help track and manage resident and employee vehicle information. The software has bulk email capabilities as well as enforcement and SMS texting alerts.
Contact one of our sales staff to find out more information and the plan that would work for you.
Call 855-228-0411 @ #103

Features and Benefits

* 24 hr Response Center


 * Eliminate Resident Removal


* Resident Retention and Satisfaction Increased


 * Permits Customized To Your Property


 * Unique Sequential Numbering


 * Nationwide Coverage


 * Wholesale Pricing


 * Preloaded Alerts


* Reduced Conflict and Litigation


 * Reduced Cost of Tow If Unavailable to Move Vehicle

 Bulk Permit Applications:

  •  -Apartment Communities, H.O.A's and Corporate Housing

  •  -Vehicle Fleets

  •  -Goverment Fleets

  •  -Educational Institutions


  •    Marinas



Our custom color decal contains a secure identification number and clearly indicates to call before towing,Display the Call Before Tow decal on the front or back of your car in an non-
You unknowingly park in an incorrect parking space, and the management wants you to move your car.If you are not found they have no choice but to impound your car. Call Before Tow gives them a way
  We are notified via our toll-free phone number and provided with your individual permit or license number. Our customer service representative will ask specific information about the situation, and instr
We Immediately log the event, and then attempt to make contact with you, We call your cell, text message you, try your home or work to alert you to the situat


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