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Prevented a tow.

On October 4, 2004 I returned home late in the evening and accidentally parked in the wrong parking space at my apartment complex. The owner of the space called Call Before Tow who then called me and had me move to prevent my car from getting towed. Thank you for saving me the cost and aggravation of having my car towed.

Ruben R.

Stopped Impound.

  I had parked in a fire lane of my complex and ran up to drop my groceries in the kitchen. I dropped the bags and the phone rang and then remembered I had ice cream in my bag. I totally forgot about my car parked down stairs. About 20 minutes later Call Before Tow contacted me and let me know that security was about to tow my car and I had to get it moved in a hurry. Oh my god thank you for calling money is tight and I probably could not have got it out of impound. Thank you again.

Alva M.

Property manager mistake.

  On August 8, 2010 Call Before Tow contacted me to move my car from space number 76 at the community I live in. Management had recently assigned me to the space after many problems with my previous space. On this evening  the leasing staff had reassigned my space to a new resident and when the new resident attempted to park, my vehicle was occupying the spot. After seeing my Call Before Tow decal  the resident called the number and prevented a costly and time consuming error from occurring. Thank you for the great service and peace of mind. You never know when a mistake can happen.

Frank S.

Stopped the Cops'

  I live in a congested area of San Diego. Call Before Tow called me early one morning to get me to turn off my car alarm. As I was getting ready for work I could faintly hear a car alarm blaring in the distance. Apparently the alarm was mine and it was going off for about two hours. I had to park on the street about a block from my complex since I returned home late and was unable to find a spot in my lot. I guess after about a dozen complaints from residents in the area the local Five-O arrived on scene to appease the natives. I got lucky and one of the Gum Shoe's was practicing his detective skills and easily located my Call Before Tow Decal prominently located on the front windshield. He contacted the number and relayed that under California law they could Impound my ride, but if I were to return in the next ten minutes they would restrain the Impound vultures. My pocket book says "gracias" . Best investment I've made in a while.

Annette M.

Recovered stolen motorcycle

   Recently I had my 09 Yamaha F26 motorcycle stolen from my apartment complex.  I have had friends get their sport bikes stolen and never recovered, so I held little hope in ever seeing it again. Three days later I was contacted by John at Call Before Tow to inform me that he had a person on the other line stating my bike was on his property and was about to tow it. I informed him that my bike had just been stolen a couple of days earlier and could he tell me were it was located. John relayed the information and was able to get the property owner to watch my bike until I arrived. Through his help I was able recover my bike clear it through the local law enforcement and saved hundreds on impound fees. I will be a life long customer thank you Call Before Tow

Jason D.


Our custom color decal contains a secure identification number and clearly indicates to call before towing,Display the Call Before Tow decal on the front or back of your car in an non-
You unknowingly park in an incorrect parking space, and the management wants you to move your car.If you are not found they have no choice but to impound your car. Call Before Tow gives them a way
  We are notified via our toll-free phone number and provided with your individual permit or license number. Our customer service representative will ask specific information about the situation, and instr
We Immediately log the event, and then attempt to make contact with you, We call your cell, text message you, try your home or work to alert you to the situat


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