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Below is a List of the most common questions

What is Call Before Tow?

The creators of Call Before Tow saw the need for a tow notification service while operating a tow company in Southern California. Vehicle owners would come to the release window to retrieve their vehicle that had been impounded and the first thing they would say is "Why didn't somebody call me before they towed my car?" Until now there was no one that offered this service. Call Before Tow was created based on the demand to contact someone before their vehicles is towed from private property.

Why should I have a Call Before Tow Decal?

While nobody plans on parking in the wrong area or space. Mistakes can happen. Property owners, managers and security professionals don't like the reprisals that can come with towing, but until now there was no way find you. Our Decal gives you peace of mind that if you do make a mistake the individual wanting your vehicle removed would have a way to contact you.

What would require someone to call me?

Laws vary from state to state, but many require a good faith effort to contact the owner before towing a vehicle. Some even require a time limit before removal can be authorized. Many landowners and property managers don't want to have a vehicle removed fearing reprisal. If there was a way to contact the offending vehicles owner first they would readily make this call.

Does the service cover Law Enforcement initiated tows.

No! While most vehicles towed by Law Enforcement are due to a Vehicle Code violation that requires impounding of the offending vehicle. There are times that Law Enforcement would contact us to have a vehicle moved. If your vehicle was stolen then recovered or your vehicle maybe became disabled on the roadway and Law Enforcement wanted to see if you had help on the way.

What If you can't contact me?

We will make every attempt to contact you with the numbers or emails provided at the time of registration and depending upon the level of service. For those customers who have signed up for our premium service we will contact one of our service providers within the area and have your vehicle quickly picked up and stored at a safe location for a set amount.. For those at a lower service level that we are still unable to get in contact with it would be up to the person in control of the property and what ever Towing company and rate that was called to impound your vehicle.

How can you tow my car if I'm not there?

If we are unable to contact you and you have registered for our Gold level of service, you have given us the authority to send one of our service providers to pick up and safely store your vehicle until you retrieve it.

How much does a tow cost?

While the cost to safely remove a car can be expensive. We contract with highly experienced providers in all areas of the country to keep cost down. Due to the nature of the tow being consensual rather than non-consensual we can request a rate that is inexpensive and keeps you from being taken by outrageous impound fees.

Many factors go into negotiating the cost of the tow. Everything from real estate cost to insurance requirements go into providing a fair price. Once we figure the maximum radius that a provider will towing from we can negotiate the final price.

You will only be required to pay the set price and it will be locked in for 48 hours. No after hours fees and no daily storage fees for the first 48 hours saving you all those additional charges.



Our custom color decal contains a secure identification number and clearly indicates to call before towing,Display the Call Before Tow decal on the front or back of your car in an non-
You unknowingly park in an incorrect parking space, and the management wants you to move your car.If you are not found they have no choice but to impound your car. Call Before Tow gives them a way
  We are notified via our toll-free phone number and provided with your individual permit or license number. Our customer service representative will ask specific information about the situation, and instr
We Immediately log the event, and then attempt to make contact with you, We call your cell, text message you, try your home or work to alert you to the situat


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